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Mar 26, 2018
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Dear Mechanical Engineering Students,

On this page, I am sharing very good written classroom lecture notes in eBook PDF format on the subject - Dynamics of Machinery. The subject Dynamics of Machinery is mostly taught in the third year of the Mechanical engineering course.

I have uploaded this eBook handwritten lecture notes on Dynamics of Machinery in PDF format for easy downloading below. Here is more info on it:

Subject Name: Dynamics of Machinery
Course: Mechanical Engineering - Third Year
No. of Pages in this notes eBook: 62

Topics covered in Dynamics of Machinery lecture notes eBook:
  • Study the longitudinal vibration of helical spring and to determine the frequency and time period of oscillation, theoretically and actually by experiment.
  • To study the torsional vibrations of single rotor system.
  • Study the free vibration of two rotor system and to determine the natural frequency of vibration theoretically & experimentally.
  • To study the damped torsional oscillation & to determine the damping coefficient ζ.
  • To verify the Dunker ley’s Rule.
  • To study the undamped free vibration of equivalent spring mass system.
  • To study the forced damped vibration of equivalent spring mass system.
  • To study the forced vibration of the beam for different damping.
  • To study the Static & Dynamic Balancing system.
  • To study the effect of whirling of shaft.
  • To find out natural frequency of undamped free vibration of a single degree of freedom system a cylinder rolling in another cylinder.
  • To find out natural frequency of vibration of double pendulum system.
  • To study jump phenomenon in the cam.
You can download these lecture notes eBook for the subject - Dynamics of Machinery below.



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Aug 15, 2022
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False claim , its not hand-written
Hello Student, Thank you for notifying the team. These notes are for Mechanical (3rd Year) students for the subject Dynamics of Machinery (DOM). We are working very hard to provide the best study material and notes. Thank you for your patience.