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Jul 7, 2018
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Hello CS/IT Engineering students, I am sharing the Distributed System PDF handwritten revision lecture notes, book for Computer science/IT engineering course. These handwritten revision notes for Distributed System will come in handy during your CS/IT semester exams and will help you score more marks.

List of topics covered in Distributed System PDF handwritten notes, book for CS/IT Engineering:

  • Introduction to distributed systems - Architecture for Distributed System, Goals of Distributed system, Hardware and Software concepts, Distributed Computing Model, Advantages & Disadvantage distributed system, Issues in designing Distributed System,
  • Distributed Share Memory And Distributed File System - Basic Concept of Distributed Share Memory (DSM), DSM Architecture & its Types, Design & Implementations issues In DSM System, Structure of Share Memory Space, Consistency Model, and Thrashing. Desirable features of good Distributed File System, File Model, File Service Architecture, File Accessing Model, File Sharing Semantics, File Catching Scheme, File Application & Fault tolerance.
  • Inter Process Communication And Synchronization API for Internet Protocol - Data Representation & Marshaling, Group Communication, Client Server Communication, RPC- Implementing RPC Mechanism, Stub Generation, RPC Messages.
  • Synchronization - Clock Synchronization, Mutual Exclusion, Election Algorithms:- Bully & Ring Algorithms.
  • Distributed Scheduling And Deadlock Distributed Scheduling-Issues in Load Distributing - Components for Load Distributing Algorithms, Different Types of Load Distributing Algorithms, Task Migration and its issues. Deadlock-Issues in deadlock detection & Resolutions, Deadlock Handling Strategy, Distributed Deadlock Algorithms,
  • Distributed Data Base Management System(DDBMS) - Types of Distributed Database, Distributed Multimedia:- Characteristics of multimedia Data, Quality of Service Managements.
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