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Feb 5, 2015
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Hi B.Com. Students, I am sharing brief and concise lecture notes on the B.Com. First Year subject - Desktop Publishing & Multimedia (DTP). Desktop Publishing & Multimedia (DTP) is mostly taught as part of the B.Com. 1st Year course and these PDF lecture notes will help prepare well for your BCom semester exams.

The major topics covered in these B.Com. First Year lecture notes and eBook of Desktop Publishing & Multimedia (DTP) are:

  • UNIT – I DTP Software and Hardware, Commercial DTP Packages, Page Layout Programs, Introduction to Word Processing, Commercial DTP Package, Difference between DTP Software and Word Processing Software.
  • UNIT – II Types of Graphics, Uses of Computer Graphics Introduction to Graphics Programs, Font and Typefaces, (Photographer), Anatomy of Typefaces, Printers, Types of Printers used in DTP, Plotter, Scanner.
  • UNIT – III Creating a new Page, document setup dialog box, paper size, page orientation, margins, different methods of placing text ad graphics in a document. Master Page
  • UNIT – IV Multimedia elements, Concept of plain text and formatted text, RTF & HTML text, image, importance of graphics in multimedia, image capturing methods, sound and its effect in Multimedia, animation basics, basics of video.
  • UNIT – V Features of multimedia, overview of multimedia, multimedia software tools, multimedia authoring – Production and presentation, graphic file formats, MIDI – Overview, concepts, structure of MIDI, MIDI Devices, MIDI Messages.
I hope these lecture notes on Desktop Publishing & Multimedia (DTP) will help you in your B.Com. First 1st year studies. Moreover, please feel free to ask any query below or LIKE this post to motivate me to share more study materials with all students! :)