Customer relationship management (CRM) hand written notes eBook for MBA quick revision - Free PDF download


Jul 4, 2018
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Hi MBA students, I am sharing excellent hand written notes eBook for the MBA subject - Customer relationship management (CRM) in PDF Format. The attached PDF file will help you quickly revise the syllabus for Customer relationship management (CRM) subject and help you clearing your MBA semester/trimester exams with ease.

The attached Handwritten Notes eBook on Customer relationship management (CRM) for MBA quick revision contains the following topics:

  • CRM concepts
  • CRM in Marketing - One-to-one Relationship Marketing, Cross Selling & Up Selling - Customer Retention, Behavior Prediction - Customer Profitability & Value Modeling, -Channel Optimization - Event-based marketing. - CRM and Customer Service - The Call Center, Call Scripting - Customer Satisfaction Measurement.
  • Sales Force Automation - Sales Process, Activity, Contact- Lead and Knowledge Management - Field Force Automation. - CRM links in e-Business - E-Commerce and Customer Relationships on the Internet - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), - Supply Chain Management (SCM), - Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), - Partner relationship Management (PRM).
  • Analytical CRM - Managing and sharing customer data - Customer information databases - Ethics and legalities of data use - Data Warehousing and Data Mining concepts - Data analysis - Market Basket Analysis (MBA), Click stream Analysis, Personalization and Collaborative Filtering.
  • CRM Implementation - Defining success factors - Preparing a business plan requirements, justification and processes.
Please click the download link below to get the PDF file for Customer relationship management (CRM) hand written notes eBook for MBA.


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