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Oct 3, 2015
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Hi Fellow Law students, I am sharing PDF notes, book and eBook for the subject - Criminal Law for LLB and BA.LLB course students. The attached PDF eBook of Criminal Law contains lecture quick revision notes that will help you understand the concepts & theories to score more marks in examinations.

List of key topics covered in notes, book, eBook for LLB Law subject - Criminal Law:

  • Motive Verses intention
  • Distinction between culpable homicide & murder
  • General
  • Takes a Lenient View in Respect of Murders Committed on the Spur of the Moment, Exception I to IV Section 300
  • Dist. Between 299 (1) 304A
  • Section 304B
  • Sections 319 and 320
  • Offence of Voluntarily Causing Grievous Hurt
  • Difference between Kidnapping and Abduction
  • Ingredients of the Offence of Theft
  • Distinction Between ‘Theft’, Distinction Between ‘Extortion’.
  • Distinction between Theft and Criminal Misappropriation
  • Criminal Misappropriation and Criminal Breach of Trust
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Please click the download link below to get LLB/Law subject Criminal Law quick revision class notes, book, eBook PDF file.


  • Law of Crimes - LLB - Notes.pdf
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