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Mar 15, 2017
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On this thread i am uploading high quality notes for the subject Control Systems. These notes can be downloaded easily and will definitely help you prepare well for this subject and it's semester exam. All the best!

Topics covered in Control Systems Notes, eBook attached below:

Introduction to Control system
1.1 Scope of Control System Engineer
1.2 Classification of Control System
1.3 Historical development of Control system

Feedback Characteristics of Control systems and sensitivity measures
2.1 The Concept of Feedback and Closed loop control
2.2 Merits of using Feedback control system
2.3 Regenerative Feedback

Control System Components
3.1 Potentiometers
3.2 DC and AC Servomotors
3.3 Tachometers

Time Domain Performance Analysis of Linear Control Systems
4.1 Standard Test Signals
4.2 Time response of 1st order Systems
4.3 Unit step response of a prototype 2nd order system

The Stability of Linear Control Systems
5.1 The Concept of Stability
5.2 The Routh Hurwitz Stability Criterion
5.3 Relative stability analysis

Root Locus Technique
6.1 Angle and Magnitude Criterion
6.2 Properties of Root Loci
6.3 Step by Step Procedure to Draw Root Locus Diagram

Frequency Domain Analysis.
7.1 Correlation between Time and frequency response
7.2 Frequency Domain Specifications
7.3 Polar Plots and inverse Polar plots

This lecture notes file on the subject -Control Systems Notes, eBook can be downloaded by clicking on the pdf icon below.


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