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On this thread i am uploading high quality notes for the subject Control Systems engineering-2. These notes can be downloaded easily and will definitely help you prepare well for this subject and it's semester exam. All the best!

Topics covered in Control Systems Engineering - 2 notes, eBook:

MODULE-I - State Variable Analysis and Design: Introduction, Concepts of State, Sate Variables and State Model, State Models for Linear Continuous-Time Systems, State Variables and Linear Discrete-Time Systems, Diagonalization

MODULE-II - Introduction of Design: The Design Problem, Preliminary Considerations of Classical Design, Realization of Basic Compensators, Cascade Compensation in Time Domain(Reshaping the Root Locus), Cascade Compensation in Frequency Domain(Reshaping the Bode Plot), Introduction to Feedback Compensation and Robust Control System Design

MODULE-III - Nonlinear Systems: Introduction, Common Physical Non-linearities, The Phase-plane Method: Basic Concepts, Singular Points, Stability of Nonlinear System, Construction of Phase-trajectories, The Describing Function Method: Basic Concepts, Derivation of Describing Functions, Stability analysis by Describing Function Method, Jump Resonance, Signal Stabilization

MODULE-IV - Optimal Control Systems: Introduction, Parameter Optimization: Servomechanisms, Optimal Control Problems: State Variable Approach

This lecture notes file for Control Systems Engineering - 2 can be downloaded by clicking on the pdf icon below.


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