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Check out the PDF eBook, notes of Computer organization & architecture for CS/IT engineering students. These lecture notes eBook on the subject Computer organization & architecture will help you glance all topics quickly and score more marks in your CSE/IT Engineering semester exams.

Key topics covered in this eBook notes of Computer organization & architecture are as follows:

Functional units, Basic operational concepts, Bus structures, Performance and metrics, Instructions and instruction sequencing, Hardware, Software interface, Instruction set architecture, Addressing modes, RISC, CISC, ALU design, Fixed point and floating point operations.

UNIT II BASIC PROCESSING UNIT - Fundamental concepts, Execution of a complete instruction, Multiple bus organization, Hardwired control, Micro programmed control, Nano programming.

UNIT III PIPELINING - Basic concepts, Data hazards, Instruction hazards, Influence on instruction sets, Data path and control considerations, Performance considerations, Exception handling.

UNIT IV MEMORY SYSTEM - Basic concepts, Semiconductor RAM, ROM, Speed, Size and cost, Cache memories, Improving cache performance, Virtual memory, Memory management requirements, Associative memories, Secondary storage devices.

UNIT V I/O ORGANIZATION - Accessing I/O devices, Programmed I/O, Interrupts, Direct memory access, Buses, Interface Circuits, Standard I/O interfaces (PCI, SCSI, and USB), I/O Devices and processors.

Also, there is a model question paper at the end of this eBook of Computer organization & architecture. I found it very useful.


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