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Mar 16, 2017
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Hi friends,

Here i am sharing high quality notes of the subject Computer Graphics & Multimedia. These notes are clear and concise and will definitely help you prepare well for your semester exams. ALL THE BEST!

Topics covered in these Computer Graphics & Multimedia Notes & eBook:

Unit 1 - Graphics Primitives: Introduction, Raster & Random display concepts and devices, CRT, Primitive operations, The display file interpreter, Normalized device co-ordinates, Display file structure, Display file algorithms, Display control. Output Primitives: Line-Drawing Algorithms: Simple DDA, Symmetrical DDA and,

UNIT II:Two-Dimensional Geometric Transformations: Basic Transformations: Translation, Rotation and, Scaling; Matrix representation and Homogeneous coordinates, Composite Transformations: Translations, Rotations, Scalings, General Pivot-Point Rotation, General Fixed-Point Scaling, Concatenation Properties; Other Transformations: Reflections and shear

UNIT III: Two Dimensional Viewing: The viewing Pipeline-Viewing Coordinate Reference Frame- Window to View port transformation, Two Dimensional Viewing Functions- Line Clipping: The Cohen-Sutherland Outcode algorithm-Liang Barsky Line clipping- Nicholl-Lee-Nicholl, Polygon Clipping: The Sutherlan Hodgman Algorithm,Weiler Atherton Polygon Clipping - Character and Text Clipping .

UNIT IV: Three Dimensional Viewing: Viewing Pipeline- Viewing Coordinates- Projections: Parallel Projection and Perspective projection - General Parallel Projection Transformations - General Perspective Projection Transformations, Clipping.

UNIT V: Multimedia Fundamentals: Introduction, Multimedia and Hypermedia, WWW, Multimedia software tools, Multimedia Authoring and Tools, Graphics and image data Represention. Color models in images and video, Fundamental concepts in video

These notes can be downloaded by clicking on the pdf icon below.


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Thanks for sharing these computer graphics and multimedia PDF notes for MCA course students...the notes are high quality and will help save time for students during their exams!