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Jul 7, 2018
Hello CS/IT Engineering students, I am sharing the Computer Graphics & Multimedia PDF handwritten revision lecture notes, book for Computer science/IT engineering course. These handwritten revision notes for Computer Graphics & Multimedia will come in handy during your CS/IT semester exams and will help you score more marks.

List of topics covered in Computer Graphics & Multimedia PDF handwritten notes, book for CS/IT Engineering:

  • Unit-I Introduction to raster scan displays, Pixels, frame buffer, Vector & Character generation, random scan systems, Graphics Primitives, Display devices, Display file structure, Scan Conversion techniques, line drawing: simple DDA, Bresenham’s Algorithm, Circle Drawing Algorithms. Scan line polygon fill algorithm, boundary-fill and flood-fill algorithms
  • Unit-II 2D transformation: Translation, Rotation, Scaling, Shearing, Reflection. Inverse Transformation, Homogenous coordinate system, Matrices Transformation, Composite Transformation. Windowing & Clipping: World Coordinate System, Screen Coordinate System, Viewing Transformation, Line Clipping, Cohen Sutherland, Midpoint Line clipping algorithms, Polygon Clipping: Sutherland –Hodgeman, Weiler-Atherton algorithms.
  • Unit-III 3D transformations: translation, rotation, scaling. Parallel & Perspective Projection, Types of Parallel & Perspective Projection. Hidden Surface elimination: Depth comparison, Back face detection algorithm, Painters algorithm, Z-buffer algorithm. Curve generation, Bezier and B-spline methods.
  • Unit-IV Basic Illumination Model, Diffuse reflection, Specular reflection, Phong Shading Gourand shading, ray tracing, color models like RGB, YIQ, CMY, HSV.
  • Unit –V Multimedia System: An Introduction, Multimedia hardware, Multimedia System Architecture. Data & File Format standards. i.e RTF, TIFF, MIDI, JPEG, DIB, MPEG,Audio: digital audio, MIDI, processing sound, sampling, compression. Video: Avi, 3GP,MOV, MPEG , compression standards, compression through spatial and temporal redundancy. Multimedia Authoring .
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