CNC and Automation subject important questions/question bank for Mechanical engineering


Mar 15, 2017
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Below you can find a list of important questions for the subject CNC and Automation. These questions will give you a good idea of what to study and help you prepare well for your semester exams.


  • Very short question (2 marks)
1. What is NC machine
2. Define CNC Machine
3. Define DNC Machine
4. Components of CNC machine
5. Name various input devices used in CNC machine
6. EIA Format / ASCII Code
7. Convert 27 of decimal into binary number.
8. Stepper motor
9. What is preset tool?
10.Define ATC
11.What are qualified tools?
12.Types of control system
13.Feedback devices
14.Axis control system
15.What is PLC?
16.What is Resolution?
17.What are transducers?
18.What are encoders?
20.What is repeatability?
21.Explain any two G codes.
22.Explain any two M codes.
23.What is block no. in a part program?
24.Cutter radius compensation
25.Tool offset
26.What is Dwell?
27.What is backlash error?
28.Define automation.
29.Name different types of automation.
30.What is NC Post processing?
31.What is AGV?
32.Group technology.
33.What is industrial robot?
34.What are end effectors in robots?

(1) Applications of CNC machines.
(2) Difference between conventional and CNC machines.
(3) Write short note on punched card.
(4) Explain types of DNC.
(5) Difference between DNC and CNC machines.
(6) Difference between EIA and ISO codes.
(7) Explain working of any type of punch reader..
(8) Describe pallet system
(9) Difference between preset and QUALIFIED TOOLS.
(10) Chip removal mechanism.
(11) Requirements of work holding devices.
(12) Cutting tool materials and their applications.
(13) Absolute and incremental systems
(14) Contouring systems
(15) Types of position control
(16) Index of performance in ACO
(17) Explain one canned cycle
(18) subroutines
(19) do-loop
(20) Difference between G codes and M codes.

(1) Explain different slide ways
(2) Explain swarf / chip removal mechanism
(3) Different types of drives used in CNC machines.
(4) Explain dif types of control systems.
(5) Explain procedure for developing part programming.
(6) Describe all the NC words.
(7) Problems in mechanical components
(8) Common faults and remedies found in CNCs.
(9) Explain various types of automation with advantages.
(10) Classification of robots in detail.

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