Class 12 Chemistry Investigatory Project on Quantity of Casein in Milk


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Feb 8, 2015
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Hi fella,

Check out the project to determine different levels of Casein in milk samples. This project is for class 12th chemistry students, I am also sharing a brief description of this project report.

Aim : To study the quantity of casein present in different samples of milk.


Casein (from Latin Caseus ?cheese?) is the most predominant phosphoprote is found in milk an cheese. When coagulated with rennet, casein is sometimes called Paracasein. British terminology, on the other hand, uses the term caseinogen for the uncoagulated protein and casein for coagulated protein. As it exists in milk, it is a salt of calcium.

Casein is not coagulated by heat. It is precipitated by acids and by rennet enzymes, a proteolytic enzyme typically obtained from the stomachs of calves. The enzyme trypsin can hydrolyze off a phosphate-containing peptone.

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