Civil Procedure Code & Limitation revision notes, book, eBook for LLB/Law students - Free PDF Download

Mar 26, 2018
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Hi Fellow Law (LLB) Students,

On this thread, I am sharing brief and concise notes on the Law Fifth Semester, Third Year Subject - Civil Procedure Code & Limitation Law. These PDF lecture notes will help you in preparing well for your semester exams and assist you in studying from ready made lecture notes.

The major topics covered in these lecture notes and eBook of Civil Procedure Code & Limitation Law are:
  • UNIT- I - Suits of Civil Nature, Jurisdiction of the Court, Suit of Civil Nature, Res Sub Judice and Res-Judicata, Foreign Judgment
  • UNIT- II - Parties to Suit, Frame of Suit, Pleading, Plaint, Written Statement, Set-off, Counter Claim, Suits by Indigent Persons, Suits in Particular Cases, Suits by or Against the Government or the Public Officers in Their Official Capacity, Inter Pleader Suit
  • UNIT- III - Summons and Discovery, Issue of Summons, Summoning and Attendance of Witness, Appearance of Parties and Effect of Their Non-Appearance, Execution of Decrees
  • UNIT- IV - Incidental Proceedings, Commission, Letter of Request, Supplemental Proceedings, Arrest before Judgment, Attachment before Judgment, Temporary Injunction, Receiver, Appeals, Reference, Review, Inherent Powers of Court
  • UNIT- V - Indian Limitation Act, 1963, Limitation of Suits, Appeals and Applications, Effect of Sufficient Cause for not Preferring Appeals or Making Applications within the Period of Limitation, Legal Disability, Continuous Running of Time, Computation of Period of Limitation and Exclusion of Time in Legal Proceeding, Effect of “Death”, “Fraud”, “Mistake” or “Acknowledgment in Writing”, Acquisition of Ownership by Possession
I hope these lecture notes on Civil Procedure Code & Limitation Law will help you in your Law studies. Moreover, please feel free to ask any query below or LIKE this post to motivate me to share more study materials with all students! :)


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