Business environment pdf lecture notes & ebook download for mba students


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Feb 22, 2015
Hi Fellow MBA students

I am sharing with you the ebook & lecture notes of the subject Business environment. The attached PDF file will help you in your studies for Business environment and help you clearing your semester/trimester exams with ease.

The attached ebook/notes on International economics management contain the following topics:

Overview of Business Environment

Concept; Meaning; Nature of Business Environment; Business Today; Types of Environment; Competitive Structures of Industries; Competitor Analysis; Environment- Business Relation; Environmental Analysis Process;. Importance of Environmental Analysis

Economic Systems and Political Environment
Economic System; Kinds of Economic System; the Flows of Economic Activity; Basic Problems of an Economy and the Role of Government; Political System; Function of State, Classification of Functions of State; Politico-Economic Synthesis

Economic Transition in India: Privatization and Globalization
Introduction; Privatization: Objects, Privatization Routes, Benefits, Criticisms, Conditions for Success; Privatization in India; Privatization Policy; Types & Drawbacks of Privatization; Globalization; Reasons for Globalization ; Features & Stages of Globalization; Drawbacks of Globalization; Globalization Impact on Indian Economy

Consumer Rights, Consumerism and Business
Introduction to Consumer Rights; the 8 Consumer Rights; Consumer Responsibility; Consumer Protection in India; Exploitation of Consumers; Plight of the Indian Consumer

Business and Society
Social Environment: Poverty and Poverty Alleviation Programs, Labor and Employment, Women in the Workforce, Child Labor, Education, Health, Population and Family Welfare; Corporate Governance; Corporate Social Responsibilities; Business Ethics

Business Law Part I
Law of Contract (Indian Contract Act, 1872); Consideration & Competence to Contact; Performance and Discharge of Contracts; Contract of Agency

Business Law Part II
Partnership Act, 1932; Sales of Goods Act, 1930; Law of Insurance; the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881.

Company Law Part I
Nature of Company and Formation; Memorandum and Article of Association; Prospectus; Statement in Lieu of Prospectus; Share and Share Capital;

Company Law Part - II
Debentures; Company Management and Remuneration; Meeting and Resolutions; Account and Audit, Prevention of Oppression, and Mismanagement; Winding Up.

You can easily download these pdf notes, eBook on the MBA subject Business Environment by clicking the link below.


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