BTech Electronics Engg. (ECE) Project Report Self Balancing Robot - Free PDF Download


Feb 19, 2015
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Hi Students,

All Btech ECE students can download the project on self balancing robot from the link given below. Know more about this project, i am sharing a brief introduction-


In our project balancing is achieved by laser mesh where flap or bot can balance in 2 axis where 3 laser meshes give respond whenever flap obstacle been detected. Respect to this in our algorithm program will respond to motor where it is rotate clockwise / anti- clockwise. If there any obstacle still lying in the path of laser mesh it will give mal-function that generate an error message. This project contain motor driving circuit, power supply with regulated output, Laser transmitter and receptor circuit & mechanical section contains ball bearings, Acrylic sheet & few of nut Bolts.

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