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Feb 5, 2015
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Hi B.Com. Students, I am sharing brief and concise lecture notes on the B.Com. Second Year subject - Personal Selling & Salesmanship. Personal Selling & Salesmanship is mostly taught as part of the B.Com. 2nd Year course and these PDF lecture notes will help prepare well for your BCom semester exams.

The major topics covered in these B.Com. Second Year lecture notes and eBook of Personal Selling & Salesmanship are:

  • Unit I Nature and Importance of personal selling. Door to Door selling situation where personal selling in more effective. Cast of Advertising V/S Cast of Personal selling AIDA Model of Selling. Types of Sales Person.
  • Unit II Buying motives. Types of markets. Consumer and industrial markets, There Characteristics and Implication for the selling function. Types of consumer.
  • Unit III Process of effective selling, Prospecting, Pre Approach, Approach, Presentation and demonstration, Handling and Objection, Closing the sale, Post sale activities.
  • Unit IV Qualities of successful sales person with particular reference to consumer services selling as a career, Advantages and difficulties, Measure for making selling and attractive career, Distribution, Network Relationship.
  • Unit V Reports and Documents, sale Manual, Catalogue, Order Book, Cash Memo, Tour Diary, Daily and Periodical Reports, Other problems in selling.
You can download these PDF lecture notes on Personal Selling & Salesmanship for your B.Com. Second 2nd year studies by clicking the download link below.