BBA - Services Management Lecture Notes, eBook - Free PDF Download

Mar 26, 2018
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Hi BBA Students,

Here are my college notes for BBA Marketing Management subject - Services Management. This is a 46 page PDF notes/eBook which will give you a quick overview of the subject Marketing Strategies and help you to study quickly for your semester exams.

Key topics outlined in BBA - Services Management Lecture Notes, eBook:
  • Marketing Services: Introduction growth of the service sector. The concept of service, Characteristics of service – classification of service – designing of the service, blueprinting, developing HR
  • Marketing Mix in Service Marketing: The seven Ps: product decision, pricing strategies and tactics, promotion of service and distribution methods for services. People, physical evidence and process.
  • Effective Management of Service Marketing: Marketing demand and supply through capacity planning and segmentation –internal marketing of services – external versus internal orientation of service strategy.
  • Delivering Quality Service: Causes of Service – quality gaps. The customer expectations versus perceived service gap. Factors and techniques to resolve this gap. Customer relationship management. External communication to the customers.
  • Marketing of Service With Special Reference To: 1. Financial services, 2. Health services, 3. Hospitality services including travel, hotels and tourism, 4. Professional service, 5. Public utility service, 6. Educational services.
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