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Feb 5, 2015
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Hello BBA Students,

I am sharing very easy to study PDF notes for the BBA subject - Retail Management. These concise notes on Retail Management will help you study and revise quickly during your BBA semester exams and score more marks.

List of topics covered in BBA - Retail Management PDF notes and eBook:
  • INTRODUCTION TO RETAILING - functions of retailing - types of retailing – forms of retailing based on ownership. Retail theories – Wheel of Retailing – Retail life cycle. Retailing in India – Influencing factors – present Indian retail scenario. Retailing from the International perspective
  • RETAIL CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR - Buying decision process and its implication to retailing – influence of group and individual factors. Customer shopping behaviour - Customer Service satisfaction. Retail planning process – Factors to consider – Preparing a complete business plan – implementation – risk analysis.
  • RETAIL OPERATIONS - Choice of Store location – Influencing Factors, Market area analysis – Trade area analysis – Rating Plan method - Site evaluation. Retail Operations: Store Layout and visual merchandising – Store designing – Space planning, Retail Operations - Inventory management – Merchandise Management – Category Management.
  • RETAIL MARKETING - Retail marketing mix –Introduction. Product – Decisions related to selection of goods (Merchandise Management revisited) –Decisions related to delivery of service. Pricing – Influencing factors – approaches to pricing – price sensitivity - Value pricing – Markdown pricing. Place – Supply channel – SCM principles – Retail logistics – computerized replenishment system – corporate replenishment policies. Promotion – Setting objectives – communication effects - promotional mix. Human Resource Management in Retailing – Manpower planning – recruitment and training – compensation – performance appraisal.
  • IMPACT OF IT IN RETAILING - Non store retailing (E tailing) The impact of Information Technology in retailing - Integrated systems and networking – EDI – Bar coding – Electronic article surveillance – Electronic shelf labels – customer database management system. Legal aspects in retailing. Social issues in retailing. Ethical issues in retailing
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