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Feb 5, 2015
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Class XI
Hi Friends,

I am sharing my lecture notes for the BBA subject - International Business (IB). These are brief notes that will help to quickly revise your entire curriculum.

List of topics covered in International Business (IB) notes for BBA course:
  • INTRODUCTION TO INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS - Meaning and Definition of International Business – Theories of International Trade – Economic Theories – Forms of International Business - Nature of International Business
  • MODES OF ENTRY INTO INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS - Mode of Entry – Exporting – Licensing – Franchising – Contract Manufacturing – Turn Key Projects – Foreign Direct Investment – Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint Ventures – Comparison of different modes of Entry.
  • GLOBALIZATION - Globalization: Meaning - Features – Stages –Production –Investment and Technology, Globalization – Advantages and Disadvantages – Methods and Essential Conditions for Globalization. MNC’s and International Business: Definitions – Distinction between Indian Companies – MNC – Global Companiesand TNC – Organizational Transformations – Merits and Demerits of MNC‟s in India
  • INTERNATIONAL MARKETING INTELLIGENCE - Information required – Source of Information – International Marketing Information System and Marketing Research.
  • EXIM TRADE - Export Trade, Procedure, Steps & Documentation, Direction of India‟s Trade – Export Financing –Documents related to Export Trade – Export Marketing – Import Trade, Procedure, Steps, Documentations and Problems - EXIM Policy - Balance of Payment – Disequilibrium and Measures for Rectification - Institutions connected with EXIM Trade.
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