BBA First Year (Sem 1, 2) Notes, eBooks Free PDF Downloads


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Jan 18, 2015
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Heyu BBA Students,

Welcome to the BBA First year thread on Studynama. Here, I am sharing the complete collection of notes and eBooks for the first year subjects taught in BBA first and second semester. All these notes and eBooks will help you study and prepare well for your BBA semester exams. These notes present the topics in a very clear and concise way and will be helpful to every BBA student studying anywhere in India.

List of Ebooks/notes for First year BBA student of First and Second semester:
We keep updating BBA First year lecture notes and eBooks section in this website and will keep adding links as we go on.

If you need any specific subject notes, please use the SEARCH box above and if you can't find it, then please post a request for it. Our team consists of seniors and BBA alumni from some of the top universities who will be happy to help you out with your specific requirements of notes. Happy studying!