Artificial Intelligence quick revision PDF Handwritten notes, book for Engineering Final Year


Jun 17, 2018
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Hello Engineering students, I am sharing the Artificial Intelligence PDF hand written class lecture notes, book as per the Engineering Final year course syllabus. These Artificial Intelligence quick revision notes will help you prepare on the exam day and score good marks.

List of topics covered in Artificial Intelligence quick revision PDF Hand written class notes, book for Engineering Final Year:

  • Unit I Meaning and definition of artificial intelligence, various types of production systems, Characteristics of production systems, Study and comparison of breadth first search and depth first search. Techniques, other Search Techniques like hill Climbing, Best first Search. A* algorithm, AO* algorithms etc, and various types of control strategies.
  • Unit II Knowledge Representation, Problems in representing knowledge, knowledge representation using propositional and predicate logic, comparison of propositional and predicate logic, Resolution, refutation, deduction, theorem proving, inferencing, monotonic and nonmonotonic reasoning.
  • Unit III Probabistic reasoning, Baye's theorem, semantic networks scripts schemas, frames, conceptual dependency, fuzzy logic, forward and backward reasoning.
  • Unit IV Game playing techniques like minimax procedure, alpha-beta cut-offs etc, planning, Study of the block world problem in robotics, Introduction to understanding and natural languages processing.
  • Unit V Introduction to learning, Various techniques used in learning, introduction to neural networks, applications of neural networks, common sense, reasoning, some example of expert systems.
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