Antenna & wave propagation (AWP) PDF notes & ebook for Electronics Engineering

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I am here sharing the PDF notes for Antenna & wave propagation as per the syllabus of electronics branch engineering students. This eBook for Antenna & wave propagation will help you in your studies for your semester examination and assist you in getting good marks.

The following topics are covered in these notes & eBook for AWP - Antenna & Wave Propagation:

  • Antenna Basics
  • Thin Linear Wire Antennas
  • Antenna Arrays: Point Sources
  • VHF, UHF and Microwave Antennas
  • VHF, UHF and Microwave Antennas
  • Lens Antennas
  • Wave Propagation - I
  • Wave Propagation - II
Please click the download link below to get Antenna & Wave Propagation quick revision PDF class notes, book, eBook file for BTech Electronics Engineering syllabus.


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