AED subject important questions/question bank for Automobile engineering


Mar 15, 2017
Hi friends

Below you can find a list of important questions for the subject AED. These questions will give you a good idea of what to study and help you prepare well for your semester exams.

1. Draw proportion neat sketches of any two of the following.
a. Universal joint
b. Roller bearing
c. Crankshaft

2. Draw the profile of involutes teeth for a gear having 25 teeth and a module pitch equal to 10mm assuming a pressure angle of 200
3. Gear has 24 teeth of 33mm circular pitch and pressure angle 200. Draw a few teeth
4. Draw profile of cam with knife edge follower having uniform acceleration and retardation through the motion.
a. Lift of follower 40mm during 600 rotation
b. Dwell for next 450 rotations
c. The remaining revolution is at minimum radius which is 60mm

5. Detail drawing of a spark plug of engine is shown. Draw the following views of assembly. All dimensions are in mm. Observe 1st angle projection method.
a. Sectional front elevation
b. Side view

6. Draw a neat sketch of Ball bearing.
7. Draw a neat sketch of four stroke petrol engine piston.
8. Draw proportion neat sketch of connecting rod.
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