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Mar 26, 2018
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Kochi (Cochin)
Hi MBA Students,

I am sharing an amazing PDF eBook on Advertising Promotions Notes for MBA Marketing students. These are brief and concise notes on this subject and covers all the important topics in the subject - Advertising Promotions.

Key topics covered in the subject - Advertising Promotions:

Concepts of Advertising: The Field of Advertising, Introduction, Integrated Marketing Communication, Advertising and its types, Comparative Advertising, case study, Communication Models in Advertising

Integrated Advertising Program: Integrated Advertising Program Analysis of Mission & Market Objective Setting & Determining Target Audience, Understanding Segmentation, Positioning, Budget Decision, case study on Budgets

Message and Media: Understanding Message Strategy, Message & Copy in Advertising, Headlines in Print & TV Advertising, Visualization & Layout, AD Appeals, Testimonials & Celebrity Endorsement , Media Types & Decision. Types of Media, Media Selection, Media Planning: New Perspective, Media Decision

Understanding Campaigns: Campaign Making, Three Phases of Campaign Creation, Steps of Effective Advertising, Upsetting the applecart in the scooterette category In Style! Case study, Understanding Campaigns

Advertising Organization: Advertising Stake Holders – Advertising Organization, Evolution & History of advertising Agency, The working of AD agencies, Organization Structure of Advertising Department, Interface with other Departments, Functions of Advertising Agency.

You can easily download this PDF on Advertising Promotions Notes, eBook for MBA Marketing below.