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Feb 22, 2015
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Hi fellow mba students!

I have got some eBooks, notes and study material for the MBA course students. In this thread, I am sharing the study material and notes for the subject Advanced supply chain management.

The attached eBook of Advanced supply chain management contains self-prepared notes that will help you understand the concepts theories and help you score well in examinations.

The PDF version of the notes on Advanced Supply Chain Management is attached for easy download and contains the following topics:

Defining the Retail Supply Chain -
Introduction; More than Stores; Defining the terms: Supply Chain and Supply Chain Management; the Importance of Customer Segments; Adding Value along the Chain; Types of Supply Chain Business; Supply Chain Component Data.

A Changing World: Moving Toward Comparative Advantage - Basics on Comparative Advantage; Concept of Distance; Revenue Control, Workforce Cost, Fixed Cost, Purchased Item Cost.

Drivers of Retail Supply Chain Change - Importance of Drivers; Innovation Driver; Extended Product Design; Globalization; Flexibility Imperative, the Ultimate Capability; Process Centered Management.

Path to the Customer - Meeting Market Needs, Dimensions; Role of Specifications; Nature of Demand; Quality Function Deployment Tool: QFD Overview, Supply Chain QFD Example.

Product Types Value to the Customer - The Product Life Cycle; Innovative and Functional Products; Market Research Costs; Customer Value and Product Types

Retail Supply Chain Management Skill Required - Five Tasks for SCM Excellence; Assessing Retail SCM Skills

The Demand Driven Supply Chain - Vision for the Demand, Driven Supply Chain; the Path from Forecast Driven to Demand Driven; DemaDriven Tools and Techniques; Sponsoring the Demand Driven Supply Chain.

Product Tracking Along Retail Supply Chains - Low Tech Retailing; Beyond Basic Bar Codes; Radio Frequency identification: The Retail Application; Active RFID; RFID Applications; Tracking in Transit; Future of Product Tracking

Understanding supply Chain Costs - Barriers to Cost Visibility; Goal: Activity, Based Costing by Product; The Starting Point (I - A); Department Costs with Capital Recovery (II - B); Multi-Company Process Cost (III, C); Activity, Based Costing byProduct (IV, D)

Retail Return - Types of Returns; Opportunities in Returns: Reduced Returns, Improved Customer Service, Collaboration with Partners, Customer Feedback, Material Source, Environmental Mitigation, Additional Business, Cash to Cash Cycle Reduction, Process Standardization

You can easily download this notes/eBook on Advanced Supply Chain Management below.


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