Advanced Strategic Management MCom PDF Notes, eBook download


Feb 21, 2015
Hi M.Com. Students, I am sharing these amazingly helpful notes for the subject Advanced Strategic Management. These PDF notes eBook on Advanced Strategic Management will help you efficiently prepare for M.Com. semester examinations and score better marks. More details on these notes:

• Subject name – Advanced Strategic Management
• Course – M.Com.
• File type – PDF
• Pages – 175

Topics covered in Advanced Strategic Management PDF Notes/eBook for M.Com. course:

  • An Introduction to Strategic Management
  • Environmental Analysis and Competition Strategies
  • Tools of Strategic/Competitive Analysis
  • Competitive Advantage and Core competency
  • Emerging Trends in Strategic Management
  • Competitive Environment Analysis
  • Grand Strategies
  • Strategy Formulation and Implementation
  • Strategy Evaluation and Control
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