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Feb 21, 2015
Hi M.Com. Students, I am sharing these amazingly helpful notes for the subject Advanced Management Accounting. These PDF notes eBook on Advanced Management Accounting will help you efficiently prepare for M.Com. semester examinations and score better marks. More details on these notes:

• Subject name – Advanced Management Accounting
• Course – M.Com.
• File type – PDF
• Pages – 285

Topics covered in Advanced Management Accounting PDF Notes/eBook for M.Com. course:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Management Accounting: Meaning and importance of Management Accounting- Tools of Management Accounting (Descriptive, Analytical, Diagnostic, and Predictive) – Skills required for Management Accountants- Strategic Role of Management Accountants- Functions of Management accountants
  • Module 2: Performance Measurement: Financial and non-financial measurement of performance- ROI – Residual Income – KPI-Economic Value Added (EVA) – concept and measurement – Balanced Score Card- concepts and objectives- Multiple Score Card measures- New horizons in management control- Responsibility Accounting- Performance Budgeting- ZBB and ABB – Social Cost-benefit Analysis- Modern production Management techniques originating from Japan – Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS)- TQM
  • Module 3: Decision making under Risk and Uncertainty: Nature and Types of risk- Techniques for decision making under risk and uncertainty- Optimistic and Pessimistic estimates- Risk adjusted Discount Rate- Certainty Equivalent Co-Efficient Method- Sensitivity technique- Probability Technique- Standard Deviation method- Co-efficient of Variation method- Simulation Technique- Decision Tree Analysis
  • Module 4: Standard Costing and Variance Analysis: Types of Standards – setting standards- Variance Analysis- Importance- Material, Labour, Overhead, Sales and Profit Variance – Interpretation of variance - Control and Efficiency Ratios- Investigation of Variance – Techniques of interpretation of variance
  • Module 5: Marginal Costing and its Application: CVP analysis and decision making – Managerial applications of CVP analysis make or buy decision- Alternative methods of production- Buy or Lease Decision- Shut down or continue- Repair or replace – Accepting bulk orders for Idle capacity utilization- pricing under different situations- suitable product mix and Key Factor.
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