8086 Microprocessors Peripherals quick revision PDF notes, book, eBook for BTech Electronics Engineering


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Hey Future Electronics and Communication Engineer,

On this page, I am sharing very good written classroom lecture notes in eBook PDF format on the subject - 8086 Microprocessors Peripherals. The subject 8086 Microprocessors Peripherals is mostly taught in the Second year of the Electronics and Communication Engineering course. Though sometimes, this subject can also be taken up in the third year as well.

I have uploaded this eBook handwritten lecture notes on 8086 Microprocessors Peripherals in PDF format for easy downloading below. Here is more info on it:

Subject Name: 8086 Microprocessors Peripherals
Course: Electronics and Communication Engineering - Second Year
No. of Pages in this notes eBook: 148

Topics covered in 8086 Microprocessors Peripherals lecture notes eBook:
  • Read/ Write Timing Diagram
  • Assembler Directive
  • DOS interrupts
  • 8085 PPI Devices
  • 8279 Programmable Keyboard
  • 8259 Programmable Interrupts
  • 8257 DMA Controller
You can download these lecture notes eBook for the subject - 8086 Microprocessors Peripherals below.


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