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Feb 19, 2015
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You can now download the ebook of Training & development in PDF format. This is a resource for all MBA and management students.The lecture notes on Training & development is also available on this forum. The topics covered in this ebook are as follows:

Training & development

Conceptual Framework of Training-I

Introduction to Training Development and Education, Objectives of training, Areas of training, Drawbacks and problem of training, Significance of Training, Training Manual, Learning and Learning Styles, Learning process : A Few Good Learning Theories.

Conceptual Framework of Training-II

Adult Learning, Learning styles elements and profiles, Principles of Effective Training and Learning, Effective
Training, Collection of Articles.

Approaches to Training

Approaches to Training, Training Procedure, Training Need, Assessment, Training for Performance, Training
Room Design, Role and responsibilities of HRD and Training specialist.

Designing Training Plan

Objectives of Designing Training Plan, Competency Based HRM/Training, Competency Psychology Designing
& Conducting Specific T & D Programmes, New Employee Training.

Methods and Styles of Training I

Introduction to Training Methods and Techniques, Sensitivity Training, On the Job Training, Basic Teaching
and Presentation Skills.

Methods and Styles of Training II

Training Methods, Criteria for Method Selection, Relationship between principles of teaching and learning
methods, Computer Based Training (CBT)


Evaluation of Training

Introduction, concept and principles, Evaluation of Training, Evaluating Training and Results

Methods of Evaluation & Training Assessment

Program Evaluation, Planning the Program Evaluation, Levels of Evaluation Methods of Evaluation, Feedback and Assessment, Evaluating Training Staff, Assessing the ROI of Training, Tutorial.

Management Training & Development

Management Development, Employee Training & Coaching, Mentoring and Coaching, ROI of Management Training, Training Practices, Train the Trainer, Training For Diversity.


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