Theory of Computation ebook/notes pdf download cse/it

Mar 15, 2017
Hi CSE/IT engineering friends,

Here on this thread I am uploading high quality pdf lecture notes on Theory of Computation. Hope these lecture notes and handouts will help you prepare for your semester exams.All the best.

Topics covered:

  • Module, I
Introduction to Automata: The Methods Introduction to Finite Automata, Structural
Representations, Automata and Complexity. Proving Equivalences about Sets, The
Contrapositive, Proof by Contradiction, Inductive Proofs: General Concepts of Automata
Theory: Alphabets Strings, Languages, Applications of Automata Theory.
Finite Automata: The Ground Rules, The Protocol, Deterministic Finite Automata: Definition
of a Deterministic Finite Automata

  • Module, II
Regular Expressions and Languages: Regular Expressions: The Operators of regular
Expressions, Building Regular Expressions, Precedence of Regular-Expression Operators,
Precedence of Regular-Expression Operators
Finite Automata and Regular Expressions: From DFA's to Regular Expressions, Converting
DFA's to Regular Expressions, Converting DFA's to Regular Expressions by Eliminating States,
Converting Regular Expressions to Automata
  • Module, III
Pushdown Automata: Definition Formal Definition of Pushdown Automata, A Graphical
Notation for PDA's, Instantaneous Descriptions of a PDA,
Languages of PDA: Acceptance by Final State, Acceptance by Empty Stack, From Empty Stack
to Final State, From Final State to Empty Stack
Equivalence of PDA's and CFG's: From Grammars to Pushdown Automata, From PDA's to

  • Module,IV
Introduction to Turing Machines: The Turing Machine: The Instantaneous Descriptions for
Turing Machines, Transition Diagrams for Turing Machines, The Language of a Turing
Machine, Turing Machines and Halting
Programming Techniques for Turing Machines, Extensions to the Basic Turing Machine,
Restricted Turing Machines, Turing Machines and Computers,

These notes can be downloaded by clicking on the pdf icon below