Software engineering & quality assurance (QA) lecture notes, ebook for CSE/IT Engineering - Free PDF Download


Hello BTech Computer Science Engineering students, I am sharing the Software engineering & quality assurance (QA) PDF class lecture notes, eBook, book as per the BTech Computer Science Engineering course syllabus. This Software engineering & quality assurance (QA) quick revision notes will help you score more marks and help study in less time.

List of topics covered in Software engineering & quality assurance (QA) quick revision PDF Hand written class notes, book, eBook for BTech Computer Science Engineering:

  • UNIT I SOFTWARE PRODUCT AND PROCESS: Introduction – S/W Engineering paradigm – Verification – Validation – Life cycle models – System engineering – Computer based system – Business process engineering overview – Product engineering overview.
  • UNIT II SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS: Functional and non-functional – Software document – Requirement engineering process – Feasibility studies – Software prototyping – Prototyping in the software process – Data – Functional and behavioral models – Structured analysis and data dictionary.
  • UNIT III ANALYSIS, DESIGN CONCEPTS AND PRINCIPLES: Systems engineering – Analysis concepts – Design process and concepts – Modular design – Design heuristic – Architectural design – Data design – User interface design – Real time software design – System design – Real time executives – Data acquisition system – Monitoring and control system.
  • UNIT IV TESTING: Taxonomy of software testing – Types of S/W test – Black box testing – Testing boundary conditions – Structural testing – Test coverage criteria based on data flow mechanisms – Regression testing – Unit testing – Integration testing – Validation testing – System testing and debugging – Software implementation techniques.
  • UNIT V SOFTWARE QUALITY ASSURANCE: Process and product quality – Quality assurance and standards – Quality planning and control – Software metrics – Process improvement – Software configuration management.
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