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Feb 19, 2015
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Hello MBA students,

This ebook of Research methods in international marketing for all management and MBA students. You can easily download this PDF and study. There are few lecture notes that i have on important topics of Research methods in international marketing, will also share soon. However, you can comment in the box below if you want some other ebook.The content in this ebook is as follows:

Research methods in international marketing

Introduction to International Marketing

Strategic concept of Marketing, Market needs and wants, guiding principles of the Marketing Company.

Global Marketing Environment

Introduction, Economic Environment-The World economy, International Trade Theory, Legal Environment, Social and cultural Environment.

Targeting Global Opportunities

Global market Segmentation, Targeting and global product Positioning,

Global Marketing Strategy

Entry and Expansion Strategies- Marketing and sourcing, Planning process and entry strategies, Cooperative strategies and global strategic partnerships, Competitive analysis and strategy, Strategic Positioning and Intent.

Global Marketing Programs

Product decisions, International product strategies, Moving toward world product.


Branding and packaging decisions, marketing industrial products, International marketing of services, Basic pricing concepts.


Global promotion, Channels of Distribution, Physical distribution and documentation.


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