Programming in C lecture notes,ebook,pdf download for CS/IT engineers


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Hi Fellas, check out the lecture notes on Programming in C. This PDF eBook notes covers all the important topics and many books are referred to create the lecture notes for CS/IT engineering students. Also, you can download the PDF file below.

The topics covered in this eBook of Programming in C are as follows:

  • Module: 1 - Introduction to C, Structure of C, compilation, execution, character set, identifiers, keywords, constants, variables, expression, operators, operators continue, loops: do while, while, for loop, break, continue statement, control Statements, nesting of if else, if else ladder, arrays, 2-diamensional array
  • Module: 2 - String library functions, functions, categories, functions categories cont., Actual arguments and Formal arguments , call by value call by reference, local, global, static variable, monolithic vs modular programming, Storage classes, storage class cont.., pointer, pointer comparison, increment decrement, precedence level of pointer, pointer comparison, pointer to pointer, pointer to structure, pointer initialization, accessing elements
  • Module: 3 - size of Structure in, array vs structure, array within structure, passing structure to function, Nested Structure Union, nesting of unions, dynamic memory allocation, dynamic memory allocation, dynamic array, file, file operation, file operation on string
You can easily download these notes, eBook for Programming in C by clicking the link below.


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