Power quality pdf download,ebook,lecture notes for EE engineers

Feb 28, 2015
I am sharing the lecture notes of Power quality for students in Electrical engineering branch.This ebook covers the most important topics. You can easily download the PDF and the modules covered in this ebook are as follows:

UNIT I - INTRODUCTION TO POWER QUALITY: Terms and definitions, Overloading, Under voltage, Sustained interruption-Sags and Swells, Waveform distortion, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), Computer Business Equipment Manufacturers Associations (CBEMA) curve

UNIT II - VOLTAGE SAGS AND INTERRUPTIONS: Sources of sags and interruptions, Estimating voltage sag performance, Motor starting sags, Estimating the sag severity, Mitigation of voltage sags, Active series compensators, Static transfer switches and fast transfer switches

UNIT III - OVER VOLTAGES: Sources of over voltages, Capacitor switching, Lightning, Ferro resonance, Mitigation of voltage swells, Surge arresters, Low pass filters, Power conditioners, Lightning protection, Shielding, Line arresters, Protection of transformers and cables, Computer analysis tools for transients, PSCAD and EMTP

UNIT IV - HARMONICS: Harmonic distortion, Voltage and current distortion, Harmonic indices, Harmonic sources from commercial and industrial loads, Locating harmonic sources, Power system response characteristics, Resonance, Harmonic distortion evaluation, Devices for controlling harmonic distortion, Passive filters, Active filters, IEEE and IEC standards

UNIT V - POWER QUALITY MONITORING: Monitoring considerations, Power line disturbance analyzer, Power quality measurement equipment, Harmonic / spectrum analyzer, Flicker meters, Disturbance analyzer, Applications of expert system for power quality monitoring


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