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Feb 28, 2015
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Hello Guys,

Power plant engineering is one of the most important subject in Electrical engineering branch.So, i thought to share the ebook for Power plant engineering. You can download the PDF and study.The units covered in this lecture notes are as follows:

Key topics in Power plant engineering Notes and eBook:

  • UNIT I INTRODUCTION - Electrical machine types, Magnetic circuits, Inductance, Statically and Dynamically induced EMF - Torque, Hysteresis- Core losses - AC operation of magnetic circuits.
  • UNIT II TRANSFORMERS - Construction, principle of operation, equivalent circuit, losses, testing, efficiency and voltage regulation, auto transformer, three phase connections, parallel operation of transformers, tap changing.
  • UNIT III ELECTROMECHANICAL ENERGY CONVERSION - Energy in magnetic systems, field energy, coenergy and mechanical force, singly and multiply excited systems.
  • UNIT IV BASIC CONCEPTS IN ROTATING MACHINES - Generated voltages in ac and dc machines, mmf of distributed windings, magnetic fields in rotating machines, rotating mmf waves, torque in ac and dc machines.
  • UNIT V DC MACHINES - Construction, EMF and torque, circuit model, armature reaction, commutation, methods of excitation, characteristics of generators, characteristics of motors, starting and speed control testing and efficiency, parallel operation.
You can easily download the Power plant engineering notes and eBook by clicking the document icon below.


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