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Jan 29, 2015
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Friends, your search for Physical chemistry notes/eBook for class 11 syllabus ends here! I am sharing the complete study material for Physical chemistry for class 11 students. The attached PDF file contains comprehensive lecture notes for your preparation of Physical chemistry subject for class 11th exams as per the CBSE curriculum.

Main topics/chapters covered in Physical chemistry Class 11 quick revision PDF class notes, book, eBook, Guide:

  • UNIT 1: SOME BASIC CONCEPTS OF CHEMISTRY - Classification of Substances, SI Base units & Significant figures, Laws of Chemical Combination, Mole Concept, Concentration Terms
  • UNIT 2 : STRUCTURE OF ATOM - Dalton's Atomic Theory, Characteristics of Electrons , Protons, Thomson Atomic Model, Rutherford Atomic Model, Neutrons, Atomic Mass & Atomic Numbers, Photoelectric effect and features of atomic spectra, Bohr Atomic Model, De Broglie relation and Heisenberg uncertainty principle, Orbitals & Quantum Numbers, Electronic configurations of atoms.
  • UNIT 3 : CLASSIFICATION OF ELEMENTS & PERIODICITY IN PROPERTIES - Periodic Classification of elements, Characteristics of s block elements, Characteristics of p block elements, Characteristics of d block elements, Characteristics of f block elements, Atomic & Ionic radius, Ionization Enthalpy, Electron Gain Enthalpy & Electronegavity
  • UNIT 4 : CHEMICAL BONDING & MOLECULAR STRUCTURE - Kossel-Lewis Approach to chemical Bonding & Formal Charge, Bond Parameters, VSEPR Theory, Resonance, Valence Bond Theory, Hybridisation, Molecular Orbital Theory
  • UNIT 5 : STATES OF MATTER - Intermolecular Forces, Gas Laws, Behaviour of gases
  • UNIT 6 : THERMODYNAMICS - Thermodynamics & Types of Processes, State Variables, Laws of Thermodynamics, Various Enthalpy Changes, Lattice Enthalpy & Born Haber Cycle, Hess's Law of Constant Heat Summation, Gibbs Energy & Spontaneity
  • UNIT 7 : EQUILIBRIUM - Equilibrium in Physical Processes, Equilibrium in Chemical Processes, Law of chemical equilibrium and equilibrium constant, Applications of Equilibrium Constant, Factors affecting Equilibrium, Acids , Bases & Salts, Ionic Equilibrium in Solution, Ionization of Acids & Bases, Hydrolysis of Salts, Buffer Solutions
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Great share for Class 11 science students - physical chemistry notes. Thanks.