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Feb 5, 2015
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Hi Friends, I am sharing with you free PDF Revision Notes, Summary, Solutions, Guide for History for class 12 students of CBSE and state boards. This History class 12 PDF study material contains comprehensive lecture notes for your preparation of History subject for class 12 board exams.

Key chapters covered in History Class 12 Revision Notes, Summary, Solutions, Guide:

  • India under East India Company’s Rule
  • Education under the Company’s Rule
  • The Great Revolt of 1857
  • Socio - Religious Reform Movements in the 19th century India
  • Changes in Indian Administration after 1858
  • India’s Freedom Movement (First two phases) -
  • India’s Freedom Movement (Gandhian Period) -
  • India after Independence - Social, Economic, Scientific and Technological Progress
  • Foreign Policy (1947 - 2000)
  • Renaissance
  • American War of Independence
  • French Revolution
  • Industrial and Agrarian Revolutions - Causes – Results
  • Spread of Colonialism
  • Rise of Fascism and Nazism
  • Second World War
  • Growth of Asian Nations
  • U.N.O and its role in World Peace
  • Cold Wars
You can easily download History Class 12 Revision Notes, Summary, Solutions, Guide by clicking the link below.


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