Operating Systems (OS) lecture notes, PDF eBook Download for CS/IT engineers


Mar 12, 2015
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Hey Guys,

You can now download the lecture notes, eBooks, PDF of Operating System. This eBook is very useful for CS/IT engineering students as per their course syllabus.

The key modules covered in this PDF for Operating Systems (OS) are as follows:

  • Operating System
  • Importance - Importance of Operating Systems, Basic Concepts and Terminology, An Operating System Resource
  • CPU Scheduling - Introduction to Scheduling, Scheduling criteria, Scheduling Algorithms, Algorithm Evaluation and Scheduling in different Systems.
  • Process Synchronization - Synchronization Hardware, Semaphores, and Classical Problem of Synchronization, Monitors and Atomic Transaction DEADLOCKS Introduction to Deadlocks: Resources, conditions for Deadlocks and Deadlock modeling, Deadlock Characterization.
  • Deadlock Detection & Recovery - With one Resource of each type and With Multiple Resource of each type.
  • Deadlocks Prevention - Attacking the Mutual Exclusion, Hold and Wait, No Preemption and Circular conditions. STORAGE MANAGEMENT Basic Memory Management Partition of Memory. Multi-programming with fixed partitions. Logical versus Physical Address Space, Swapping, Contiguous Allocation.
Simply click the download link below to get PDF notes, eBook file for Operating Systems .


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