Operating System lecture notes, ebook, pdf download for CS/IT engineers


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Feb 8, 2015
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Hi Guys,

Check out the ebook,lecture notes and pdf download of the subject OPERATING SYSTEMS for CS/IT Engineering Students. The modules covered in this lecture notes for Operating Systems are as follows:

Module 1 - Evolution of Operating Systems: Types of operating systems - Different views of the operating systems, Principles of Design and Implementation. The process concept, system programmer view of processes, operating system's views of processes, operating system services for process management. Process scheduling, Schedulers, Scheduling Algorithms.

Module II - Structural overview, Concept of process and Process synchronization, Process Management and Scheduling, Hardware requirements: protection, context switching, privileged mode; Threads and their Management; Tools and Constructs for Concurrency, Detection and Prevention of deadlocks, Mutual Exclusion: Algorithms, semaphores, concurrent programming using

Module III - Memory Management paging, virtual memory management, Contiguous allocation, static, dynamic partitioned memory allocation, segmentation. Non-contiguous allocation, paging, Hardware support, Virtual Memory, Dynamic Resource Allocation.

Module IV - File Systems: A Simple file system, General model of a file system, Symbolic file system, Access control verification, Logical file system, Physical file system, allocation strategy module, Device strategy module, I/O initiators, Device handlers, Disk scheduling, Design of IO systems, File Management.

Please download the the PDF file for Operating Systems below.


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