Operating System eBook, lecture notes PDF download for CS/IT engineers


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You can now download the lecture notes, eBooks PDF of Operating System. This eBook notes PDF file is very useful for CS/IT engineering students. The modules covered in this PDF are as follows:

UNIT I PROCESSES AND THREADS - Introduction to operating systems, Review of computer organization, Operating system structures, System calls, System programs, System structure, Virtual machines, Processes, Process concept, Process scheduling, Operations on processes, Cooperating processes, Inter process communication, Communication in client, Server systems, Case study, IPC in Linux, Threads, Multi-threading models, Threading issues, Case Study: Pthreads library

UNIT II PROCESS SCHEDULING AND SYNCHRONIZATION - CPU scheduling, Scheduling criteria, Scheduling algorithms, Multiple, Processor scheduling, Real time scheduling, Algorithm evaluation, Case study, Process scheduling in Linux, Process synchronization, The critical-section problem, Synchronization hardware, Semaphores, Classic problems of synchronization, Critical regions, Monitors, Deadlock, System model, Deadlock characterization, Methods for handling deadlocks, Deadlock prevention, Deadlock avoidance, Deadlock detection, Recovery from deadlock.

UNIT III STORAGE MANAGEMENT - Memory management, Background, Swapping, Contiguous memory allocation, Paging, Segmentation, Segmentation with paging, Virtual memory, Background, Demand paging, Process creation, Page replacement, Allocation of frames, Thrashing, Case study, Memory management in Linux

UNIT IV FILE SYSTEMS - File system interface, File concept, Access methods, Directory structure, File system mounting, Protection, File system implementation, Directory implementation, Allocation methods, Free space management, Efficiency and performance, Recovery, Log-structured file systems, Case studies, File system in Linux, File system in Windows XP.

UNIT V I/O SYSTEMS - I/O systems, I/O hardware, Application I/O interface, Kernel I/O subsystem, Streams, Performance, Mass-storage structure, Disk scheduling, Disk management, Swap-space management, RAID, Disk attachment, Stable storage, Tertiary storage, Case study, I/O in Linux.

You can also download another eBook notes on Operating systems from the link here.


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Awesome stuff for CS/IT students .. Guys try them you will definitely love it !!