OOPS lecture notes,ebooks,pdf download for CS/IT engineering students


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Hello Fellows,

OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING - OOPS is one of the most important subject in CS/IT engineering branch. So, i thought to share this excellent eBook in the PDF format for you all to download and study. These notes cover the following topics.

  • UNIT I - FUNDAMENTALS - Object oriented programming concepts, Encapsulation, Programming elements, Program structure, Enumeration types, Functions and pointers, Function invocation, Overloading functions, Scope and storage class, Pointer types, Arrays and pointers, Call-by-reference, Assertions, Standard template library.
  • UNIT II - IMPLEMENTING ADTs AND ENCAPSULATION - Aggregate type structure, Structure pointer operators, Unions, Bit fields, Data handling and member functions, Classes, Constructors and destructors, Static member, This pointer, Reference semantics, Implementation of simple ADTs.
  • UNIT III - POLYMORPHISM - ADT conversions, Overloading, Overloading operators, Unary operator overloading, Binary operator overloading, Function selection, Pointer operators.
  • UNIT IV - INHERITANCE - Derived class, Typing conversions and visibility, Code reuse, Virtual functions, Run-time type identifications, Exception, Handlers, Standard exceptions.
  • UNIT V - TEMPLATES AND FILE HANDLING - Template class, Function templates, Class templates, C++ streams, Console streams, Console stream classes, Formatted and unformatted console I/O operations, Manipulators, File streams, Classes file modes, File pointers and manipulations, File I/O, Exception handling.
Please click the download link below to get OOPS quick revision PDF Hand written class notes, book, eBook file for BTech Computer Science Engineering syllabus.


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Perfect ! OOPS lecture notes and ebooks for CS/IT students ..Thanks for sharing
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