(Off Topic) Documents to carry while travelling to Canada to study

May 4, 2019
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If you are planning to go to Canada then you must understand the process in order to get a visa of any type. After getting the visa you have to pack your luggage and keep all the necessary documents in your suitcase. So that you cannot face any type of problem in Canada. The main documents which you need are listed below include-:

Passport: Make sure you must carry an only valid passport with yourself so that you can safely land there. And cannot face any problem in getting PR in Canada. If you do not have a valid passport, then you have to renew it first then you should apply for a new student visa.

Canadian TR visa: If you are going to Canada then you must have a temporary residence visa which additionally known as TR visa. Or you may need Student visa because you are unable to fly without these visas or the immigration will send you back from the airport, so valid TR visa is necessary for everyone who wishes to go Canada.

Driving license: Driving license is must because it takes time to make in a new nation. In behalf of the new one, you can use your old driving license if you want to travel in your own car in Canada. You can use your driving license for 6 months in Canada if you do not apply a new one and you need it while applying there.

Letter of acceptance by the university: You have to carry an invitation letter with yourself so that so can proof yourself right and immigration officer does not send you back. Make sure you will carry only original documents with you so that you cannot have any type of difficulty in the future.

Bank records: You have to carry bank details and fund records with yourself because these will help you to bear the cost of any type of expenses there. And you are able to show your funds in order to pay the fees for the next course.

Medical records: Every airport authority checks the medical records once when you enter an airport in order to ensure that you are healthy. You must keep this with you so that you will able proof yourself healthy.

Moreover, you should also carry your educational documents with you which you completed here in India.

If you forget any of document from these then it will create a problem for you and then you have to arrange them by courier which charges high cost. that’s why we guide you about the documents which you need to carry with you during your study plan in Canada.
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