Network Theory PDF Lecture Notes, eBook Download for Electrical Engineers


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Hi Fellows, I am sharing the PDF lecture notes of Network Theory for students in Electrical engineering branch. This eBook covers the most important topics of the subject Network Theory.

The key topics covered in Network Theory PDF Lecture Notes, eBook are:

MODULE-I: Coupled Circuits: Self-inductance and Mutual inductance, Coefficient of coupling, dot convention, Ideal Transformer, Analysis of multi-winding coupled circuits, Analysis of single tuned and double tuned coupled circuits. Transient study in RL, RC, and RLC networks by Laplace transform method with DC and AC excitation. Two Port networks. Ideal two port devices, ideal transformer. Tee and Pie circuit representation, Cascade and Parallel Connections.

MODULE-II: Network Functions & Responses: Concept of complex frequency, driving point and transfer functions for one port and two port network, poles & zeros of network functions, Restriction on Pole and Zero locations of network function. Impulse response and complete response. Time domain behavior form pole-zero plot. Three Phase Circuits.

MODULE-III: Network Synthesis: Realizability concept, Hurwitz property, positive realness, properties of positive real functions, Synthesis of R-L, R-C and L-C driving point functions, Foster and Cauer forms

MODULE-IV: Graph theory: Introduction, Linear graph of a network, Tie-set and cut-set schedule, incidence matrix, Analysis of resistive network using cut-set and tie-set, Dual of a network. Filters: Classification of filters, Characteristics of ideal filters

You can easily download Network Theory PDF Lecture Notes, eBook by clicking the link below.


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This is great! Simply the best study material ever for Network Theory subject – these PDF notes eBook for Network Theory would be a great help for all Electrical engineering students.

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