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Hello BTech Computer Science Engineering students, I am sharing the Network Programming & Management PDF class lecture notes, eBook, book as per the BTech Computer Science Engineering course syllabus. This Network Programming & Management quick revision notes will help you score more marks and help study in less time.

List of topics covered in Network Programming & Management quick revision PDF Hand written class notes, book, eBook for BTech Computer Science Engineering:

  • UNIT I ELEMENTARY TCP SOCKETS - Introduction to socket programming, Overview of TCP / IP protocols, Introduction to sockets, Socket address structures, Byte ordering functions, Address conversion functions, Elementary TCP sockets, Socket, Connect, Bind, Listen, Accept, Read, Write, Close functions, Iterative server, Concurrent server.
  • UNIT II APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT - TCP echo server, TCP echo client, POSIX signal handling, Server with multiple clients, Boundary conditions, Server process crashes Server host crashes, Server crashes and reboots, Server shutdown, I/O multiplexing, I/O models, Select function, Shutdown function, TCP echo server (with multiplexing), Poll function, TCP echo client (with multiplexing)
  • UNIT III SOCKET OPTIONS, ELEMENTARY UDP SOC SOCKETS - Socket options, Getsocket and setsocket functions, Generic socket options, IP socket options, ICMP socket options, TCP socket options, Elementary UDP sockets, UDP echo server, UDP echo client, Multiplexing TCP and UDP sockets, Domain Name System, Gethostbyname function, IPV6 support in DNS, Gethostbyadr function, Getservbyname and getservbyport functions.
  • UNIT IV ADVANCED SOCKETS - IPV4 and IPV6 interoperability, Threaded servers, Thread creation and termination, TCP echo server using threads, Mutexes, Condition variables, Raw sockets, Raw socket creation, Raw socket output, Raw socket input, Ping program, Trace route program.
  • UNIT V SIMPLE NETWORK MANAGEMENT - SNMP network management concepts, SNMP management information, Standard MIBs, SNMP V1 protocol and practical issues, Introduction to RMON, SNMP V2 and SNMP V3.
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