Multimedia lecture notes,ebook,pdf download for CS/IT engineers

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Mar 12, 2015
Hi Fellows,

Check out the ebook of Multimedia for CS/IT engineering students & BCA/MCA students. I will also share the lecture notes and other ebooks in PDF download format. This ebook covers the following modules.


Basics of Multimedia

Technology, Computers, Communication and Entertainment: Multimedia -An introduction: Framework for multimedia systems; multimedia devices CD Audio. CD-ROM. CD-I: presentation devices and the user interface; multimedia presentation and authoring; professional development tools: LANs & multimedia. Internet, World Wide Web & Multimedia; distribution network ATM & ADSL; multimedia servers & databases: vector graphics; 3-D graphics programs; animation techniques; shading; anti -aliasing; morphing: video on demand.

Image Compression & Standards

Making still images: editing and capturing images; scanning images; computer color models: color palettes; vector drawing; 3 -D drawing and rendering; JPEG-objectives and architecture: JPEG-DCT encoding and quantization, JPEG statistical coding; JPEG predictive loss less coding; JPEG performance; Overview of other image file formats as GIF, TIFF. BMP. PNG etc.

Audio & Video

Digital representation of sound: time domain sampled representation; method of encoding the analog signals; sub-band coding; Fourier method: transmission of digital sound; digital audio signal processing; stereophonic & quadraphonic signal processing; editing sampled sound.

MPEG Audio

Audio compression & decompression: brief survey of speech recognition and generation; audio synthesis; Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI); digital video and image Compression; MPEG Motion video compression standard; DVI technology: time based media representation and delivery.

Virtual Reality

Applications of multimedia, Intelligent multimedia system, Desktop Virtual Reality (VR). VR operating System, Virtual environment displays and orientation tracking; visually coupled system requirements; intelligent VR software systems. Applications of environments in various fields viz. Entertainment.