Microprocessors pdf ebook & lecture notes download


Feb 21, 2015
Hey buddies!

I am here sharing the pdf notes for Microprocessors as per the syllabus of electronics, CS/IT branch engineering students. This ebook for Microprocessors will help you in your studies for your semester examination and assist you in getting good marks.

The following topics are covered in these notes & ebook:

Module-1: Introduction to Microprocessor: Intel 8085 Microprocessor: Architecture, pins & signals, Register organization, Timing &control unit, Instruction Timing & Execution, Instruction set of 8085, Memory & I/O Addressing, Assembly language programming using 8085 instructions set.

Module-2: Memory Interfacing: Interfacing EPROM &RAM Memories: 2764 and 6264. Stack &Subroutines: Stack, Subroutines, Restart, Conditional Call and Return Instructions, Advanced Subroutine Concepts. 8085 Interrupts: 8085 Interrupts, Vectored Interrupts, Restart as Software Instructions.

Module-3: Microprocessor based system Developments Aids: Programmable peripheral Interface: 8255, Programmable DMA Controller: 8257, Programmable Interrupt Controller: 8259, Programmable Interval Timer: 8253.

Module-4: Intel 8086 (16 bit): Introduction, pins & signal description, Architecture, Bus timing, minimum mode 8086, and maximum mode 8086, Multiprocessor: parallel processing, Instruction sets of 8086: Instruction formats, Addressing modes, Instruction set: data transfer instruction,arithmetic and logic instruction, program control instructions, Assembly language programming with 8086, iterative procedure, recursive procedure, parameter passing.
Intel 80386 and 80486: Architecture, Register Organization, Protected mode, Paging, Virtual mode.
Salient features of Pentium Processor.