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This thread contains PDF notes, book, eBook for the subject - Mechanics of Fluids for Civil Engineers. This PDF file on Mechanics of Fluids contain class Lecture Notes and are very useful to quickly revise the syllabus and prepare for semester exams.

List of topics covered in Following are the topics covered in Mechanics of Fluids - Ebook & Notes:

  • Introduction to Mechanics of Fluids
  • FLUID STATICS & KINEMATICS - Pascal's Law and Hydrostatic equation, Forces on plane and curved surfaces, Buoyancy, Meta centre, Pressure measurement, Fluid mass under relative equilibrium
  • Fluid Kinematics - Stream, streak and path lines, Classification of flows, Continuity equation (one, two and three dimensional forms), Stream and potential functions, flow nets, Velocity measurement (Pilot tube, current meter, Hot wire and hot film anemometer, float technique, Laser Doppler velocimetry)
  • FLUID DYNAMICS - Euler and Bernoulli's equations, Application of Bernoulli's equation, Discharge measurement, Laminar flows through pipes and between plates, Hagen Poiseuille equation, Turbulent flow, Darcy-Weisbach formula, Moody diagram, Momentum Principle
  • BOUNDARY LAYER AND FLOW THROUGH PIPES - Definition of boundary layer, Thickness and classification, Displacement and momentum thickness, Development of laminar and turbulent flows in circular pipes, Major and minor losses of flow in pipes, Pipes in series and in parallel, Pipe network
  • SIMILITUDE AND MODEL STUDY - Dimensional Analysis, Rayleigh's method, Buckingham's Pi-theorem, Similitude and models, Scale effect and distorted models
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Totally fundoo notes on Mechanics of Materials subject for civil engineering course syllabus.