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Feb 19, 2015
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Hi Guys, I am sharing this excellent summary eBook on the subject Sales Management in PDF format. This eBook is highly recommended for MBA or PGDM students and comprise of revision lecture notes as well.

List of topics covered in Sales management Summary eBook, lecture notes for MBA:

> An Introduction to Sales Management - Objectives and Scope of Personal Selling, Buyer Seller Dyad and Personal Selling Situation, Theories of Personal Selling, Personal Selling Process, Mistakes in Sales

> Sales Forecasting - Prospecting, Sales Resistance, Closing Sales, Types of Personal- Selling Objectives, Analyzing Market Potential, Sales Forecasting Methods: Qualitative Methods, Quantitative Methods

> Organization and Management of Sales Force - Functions of Salesperson, Qualities of Effective Sales Executive, Purpose of Sales Organization, Setting up a Sales Organization, Types of Sales Organization Structure, Centralization Versus Decentralization in Sales Force Management

> Controlling the Sales Effort - Purpose of Sales Budget, Objective in Using Quotas, Procedure of Setting Quota, Limitations of Quota System, Concept of Sales Territory, Need for Establishment and Revision, of Sales Territory, Assignment of Sales Personnel to Territories, Importance of Customer Feedback

> Sales Personnel - Channels of Distribution and Strategy Marketing Channel, Types of Intermediaries, Contemporary Channel Scenario in India, Objective of Marketing Intermediaries, Function of Marketing Channel

> Channel Design - Steps in Channel Design, Selection of Appropriate Channel, Channel Management, Channel Motivation

> Physical Distribution - Physical Distribution concepts and objective, Components of Physical Distribution, Transportation, Warehousing, Impact of IT on Physical Distribution, Implication of Supply chain Management in Physical Distribution

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