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Feb 22, 2015
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Hi fellow MBA students, I am sharing the study material and notes for the MBA subject - Retail merchandise management. The attached eBook of Retail merchandise management contains self-prepared notes that will help you understand the concepts theories and help you score well in examinations.

The PDF version of the MBA Retail Merchandise Management notes is attached for easy download and contains the following topics:

> Product and Merchandise Management - Introduction; Product Management; Brand Management in Retailing; Merchandise Management; Concentrating Factors

> Types of suppliers - Types of Suppliers; Criteria for the Selection of Suppliers; Category Management; Merchandise Management, Planning in Various Retail Segments

> Merchandise Management Assortment - Merchandise Management Process; Forecasting Sales; Developing an Assortment Plan; Determine Variety and Assortment; Setting Inventory and Product Availability Levels, Indian Retail Scope

> Merchandise Planning System - Staple Merchandise Management System; Fashion Merchandise Management System; Open-to Buy System, Allocating merchandise to stores

> Buying Merchandise - Brand Alternatives; Buying National-Brand Merchandise; Buying Private-Label Merchandise, Strategic, Relationship; Building Partnering Relationships

> Financial Merchandise Management - Inventory Valuation: The Cost and Retail Methods of Accounting; Merchandise Forecasting and Budgeting; Unit Control System; Financial Inventory Control

> Pricing the merchandise in Retail - Pricing Objective and Policies; Interaction between a Retailer's Pricing ,Basic Markup Formulas; Markdown Management


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