MBA - Advertising Insights PDF Lecture notes & Summary eBook download


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Hi fellow MBA students

In this thread, I am sharing the study material and notes for the subject Advertising insights, specifically for MBA/PGDM marketing folks.

The attached eBook of Advertising insights contains self-prepared notes that will help you understand the concepts theories and help you score well in examinations.

The PDF version of the notes for MBA Advertising insights is attached for easy download and contains the following topics:
  • Concepts of Advertising, Integrated Marketing Communication, Advertising and its types, Comparative Advertising, case study, Communication
  • Models in Advertising - Integrated Advertising Program Analysis of Mission & Market Objective Setting & Determining Target
  • Audience, Understanding Segmentation, Positioning, Budget Decision, case study on Budgets
  • Understanding Message Strategy, Message & Copy in Advertising, Headlines in Print & TV Advertising,
  • Visualization & Layout, AD Appeals, Testimonials & Celebrity Endorsement
  • Media Types & Decision Types of Media, Media Selection, Media Planning: New Perspective, Media Decision
  • Campaign Making, Three Phases of Campaign Creation, Steps of Effective Advertising
  • Advertising Organization, Evolution & History of advertising Agency, The working of AD agencies, Organization Structure of Advertising Department
You can easily download these notes, eBook on MBA Advertising insights from the link below.


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